Culture Shock: The Nigerian Youth’s Version

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So I was really upset about something this morning, and I got some money to help with another matter I had on my plate, which was just a little by the way. But almost immediately the money came in, I realized I was back up emotionally!

So I started thinking, this is probably why the western world that has systems that work, seldom have real emotional issues. That’s why they can get married overnight or divorce the next. Or travel ‘whenever they can’. They seldom attach so much importance to the same things the average Nigerian would roll over for.

Money is good and a necessity for quality of life. And the availability of it is as a result of a system that works. I dare say, it’s the bedrock of the success for anything.

The Nigerian system is an utter mess. And this has easily spilled, in fact, poured into what we call or have come to know as ‘The Nigerian Culture’. Selah.

That’s why an intelligent student graduates with a first-class, and for 4 years is jobless or ‘hustling’ to cater to themselves, while the street smart ‘illiterate’ or school drop-out is a millionaire. It’s the Nigerian system. What we call respect today in Nigeria, is mostly as a result of a messy and broken system.

Check this; 25 years old build an app and it becomes the world’s most sought after app — he sells it a couple of million dollars and cashes out. He comes back home (Nigeria) and a 50-year-old is on his payroll. 50-year-old calls 26-year-old “sir” — ‘out of respect’.

Dear Nigerian Youth, we all need a culture shock.

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